Posted: Tuesday 17th June 2014 at 9:00 am

Why Leave Prince Boateng On The Bench & Play Jordan Ayew?

I do not know much about football and that is why I do not personally write a lot about it. I can sit afar and tell you the colour of Yvonne Okoro’s underwear but I cannot even be sure which positions the players really play…

Even with my level of naivety, I can boldly say; Ghana’s coach-Kwesi Appiah is a disaster and showed the world that he was an inexperienced coach yesterday by not starting such an important much against the USA with his best 11.

When I used to play FIFA Playstation, I always made sure I selected the experienced players even though the level of play of anyone selected in a video game depends on the one holding the control pad. It may not be true but I always convinced myself that, the game manufactures would somehow have given the experienced and good players a tilt to win and that is why I always went in for them…

Yesterday’s match against USA was not a computer game but if I was asked to pick the damn players, there was no way I was going to leave Michael Essien and Kevin Prince Boateng out of the starting 11, and play Jordan Ayew and the others…

What was the essence of the coach’s decision to leave his most experienced and arguably best players on the bench to try Jordan Ayew—simply because he found luck and scored some goals against a side like South Korea in a friendly?

Did Jurgen Klinsmann play all his best and experienced players? Yes he did but we kept testing the game as if we were in training.

And which coach keeps playing Kwadwo Asamoah at the back? Was the coach blind to the fact that Opare and Christian Atsu were liabilities last night and didn’t have to wait till the game was almost over before changing them?

They always say the coach knows best, but this time I think we all agree that he forgot to do the best.

I believe if Kwesi Appiah had started Essien and Prince Boateng alongside Muntari and Gyan—and brought Kwadwo Asamoah into the midfield, the scores would have been totally different…

We lost a match that we could have easily won and it hurts. But somehow, I am damn HAPPY—-I pray Ghana comes on quick and does not even qualify for the next world cup. So we can stop wasting the little money the country has on supporters, already rich footballers and corrupt leaders. We can use the huge money we spend to fix our roads, build schools, build hospitals and more importantly, fix our power crisis.

I learnt my lesson from Ghana’s match against Netherlands and therefore, I did not place any BET last night. I can happily see my 10 pounds laughing out loud in my wallet now…

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