What Counter-Offer Would Ghana Realistically Have Made Against Signing The EPAs?


is viagra safe PANA press reports that “the chairmen of the council of ministers and the ECOWAS Commission say they are “very pleased” with the economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between West Africa and the European Union (EU) after more than 11 years of intense negotiations, a statement issued by the institution says.

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It is quite clear that we should have had leaders in the sub region with gravitas to negotiate better terms, but we will have to wait much longer for the promise. In the meantime, as they say charity begins at home. We should have been trading amongst ourselves at least regionally. But what do we see? Nigeria could afford to ban 92 goods from Ghana entering its market from Ghana and then Ghana retaliates by pegging a $1m capital by informal foreign business entrants from Nigeria and others ECOWAS nations. Yet Ghana says it is the gate way to West Africa and Nigeria the final destination, yet they belong to ECOWAS whose many trade integration dreams haven’t materialised except perfected the art of protecting their markets against competence.

Whilst we are busy banning other nationals from trading in our markets, my good friend Tanko Adamu asks what we have achieved in Ghana for services that did not have competition. Are we happy with the services being delivered by state sponsored and state-owned monopolists such as VRA, ECG, Ghana Water Company? What happened to the mobile telephones market when it was opened up?