Posted: Monday 21st January 2013 at 12:51 pm

(Warning: gory image)School girl knocked down at Lapaz, irate residents block road

The mangled car after the accident

A school girl, believed to be around nine years of age has been knocked down by a car at Lapaz Monday morning.

The girl, name unknown, was knocked down by a fast moving BMW with registration number GW 412 R around the Ecobank building in Lapaz.

An eyewitness, Frankie Dre-Asante told the accident occurred around 8 am while the girl, who was with her twin brother, tried to cross the road which had faulty traffic lights.

The girl and her twin brother were on their way to school when the incident occurred but Frankie said, the where about of her brother is currently unknown.

The condition of the girl, who has been rushed to the hospital, is unknown but the eyewitness said “she looked dead” after the accident.

Frankie said she was rushed to the hospital by some on-lookers and a police team.

Meanwhile irate residents of the vicinity blocked both sides of the road following the accident. This caused heavy vehicular traffic.

Joy News’ Beatrice Adu who was at the scene reported that police personnel had to fire warning shots as they desperately attempted to control the situation.

The ‘lifeless’ body of the girl

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