Veep, Baba Kamara’s Plot On Hannah Tetteh Exposed!


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How can a minister inhibit the smooth operations of a vice-president, if indeed that vice-president knows what he is about at this time of unprecedented economic hardship?

One of the cardinal reasons for appointing His Excellency Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur as a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana to partner President Mahama for the election of 2012 was to serve as a counterbalance to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Having served as a deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was exaggerating the credentials of Dr. Bawumia in economic management.

So the NDC and President Mahama found it expedient to use Amissah-Arthur to dilute the NPP propaganda. The strategy had worked and thankfully our party had won the 2012 elections.

However, after winning the election, what did we see? The economy has experienced one of its worst performances in decades and the vice-president, who is the head of the economic management team and a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana seems to be clueless on what to do to salvage the economy. In fact even his presence cannot even be felt in the county as the debate on the economy and its management got heated.

Dr Bawumia on his part has been vocal and had come out with a well-researched paper diagnosing the problems afflicting the economy and providing solutions, much to the admirations of many Ghanaians.
I might disagree with certain issues Bawumia had raised in his paper, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of sensible things in that paper which could provide certain directions to the current economic managers to salvage the economy, especially the Cedi from further beatings.

How can somebody blame the foreign minister for the inability of the vice-president to respond to Dr. Bawumia’s paper? In my humble opinion, the vice-president was silent because he is clueless and incompetent. Therefore Hannah Tetteh should not be used as a scape goat.

If that TEIN group wants to test the competence of the foreign minister they should go to the ministry and her former ministry, the Ministry of Trade to ask. The workers there would attest to her competence.

I strongly believe that the NDC needs to be planning for a successor for 2020 when the second mandate of our beloved President Mahama would expired after the coming victory in 2016. So, if that is the case, then the vice-president should give way for a younger person to partner President Mahama for the 2016 election. Then after our victory in 2016, the person while serving as a vice-president can be marketed effectively to ensure a smooth transition in 2020.

In my opinion, no other person deserves this position than the current foreign affairs minister, Hon. Hannah Tetteh. She has an impeccable record as a legal practitioner, a Member of Parliament and a cabinet minister. She had also served our party effectively when we were in opposition with commitment and vigor. She is a very competent and articulate person and seems to know what she is about when it comes to her work.

We are aware of the anti-Hannah Tetteh agenda hatched by the Vice-President and certain elements very close to him at the Flag Staff House such as the former ambassador to Nigeria, Alhaji Baba Kamara. Per our information, Alhaji Baba Kamara has vowed to use his money and influence with President Mahama and in the NDC to deny Hon. Tetteh the opportunity of partnering President in the 2016 elections.
We want to tell him that we are also prepared to face him because we believe that common sense should dictate that she should be the one to partner the President in the 2016 elections.

If he likes the NDC and wishes for its progress, then he will end his blind support for the vice-president Amissah Arthur. In this issue, it is not a question of friendship; it is a question of principles and commitment to the party. He Baba Kamara, what is his commitment to the NDC after joining Obed Asamoah to form the DFP? If he and the vice-president do not stay away from Hon. Tetteh, we will teach them some useful lessons of life.

Baba Kamara must know that we are closely watching him and his machinations at the Flag Staff House against certain key government and party officials and at the right time we would expose him for the whole world to know who he is. We have not forgotten his betrayal of the founder of our party President Rawlings and the former President Prof Atta Mills in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 elections and at the right time we shall come out with the full details of what happened if he continues to disturb the party, the president and the government.