Use your phone to spice your sex life

Use your phone to spice your sex life pink viagra With the invention of android and smart phones, we spend a lot of time chatting, sending funny pictures and video. Your phone can also spice your sex life as well walmart viagra price When it comes to sexual inspiration, the options on your smartphone are endless. Visit the app store and search for one that’s right for you and your lover. We like Kamasutra 4D HD for the iPhone and Android phones to start because it offers 3D tutorials on fun new positions to try between the sheets.

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generic viagra deals You don’t have to send a naked photo of yourself to get his or her attention. A little mystery can go a long way when it comes to sending picture messages. Snap a shot of yourself in that dress he loves or the shirt she loves.

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viagra pill house Sometimes you have to get out of your bedroom to recharge your mojo. Text him or her a specific location, a time to meet you and specific instructions on what to say and wear when he or she arrives. The suspense alone will drive your partner crazy, and then when you get there it’s up to you to do the rest. viagra natural