US And EU Must Sanction Mahama’s Top Government Offcials

1 viagra Kentucky Ghanaians are in great disappointment, and there are no words to adequately describe their anger at the greedy, selfish, loot and share corrupt leaders who have brought this shame upon us.

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The US and EU contributions towards Ghana development cannot be disputed, and we will not sit down unconcerned for President Mahama and his cohorts to toil with the country’s destiny with such a young population. The President must understand that Ghanaians are hundred percent (100%) better off with or without the deals in Iran.

We urge US authorities not to sleep over this issue; we call for a full investigation.

We humbly asked the German Chancellor Angel Markel to suspend President Mahama state visit to Germany until United States of American has completed the research surrounding the Bombardier jetliner in Iran.

Our foreign policies are of international standard; the silence of Ministry of Foreign affairs and their lack of diplomacy to condemn such a “breach” of international cooperation make them the weakest link in the global village.

We asked the American Leadership and the European Union to put the current government officials under their radar due to their gross disregard of international law.

Coalition of Young Liberals (COYLIB) will like to commend the New York Times for such a wonderful piece of journalism, and asked their outfit to continue to keep an eye on our leaders who are pursuing different agenda contrary to what they were elected to do for the populace.

Ghanaians are hardworking people, and we do not want to lose our legitimacy and pride in the international community.

God blesses Ghana