The Top 5 Secrets Women Keep From Men


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4. We want you to remember the details of what we say.

When we’re talking to you we expect you to listen to the details, not just the overall message. So if we’re telling you about something going in our life, particularly about a problem that’s bothering us, we’ll actually want you to refer back to it at some point and follow up with us.

Relationship tip: If a woman tells you that she has everything under control and that you shouldn’t worry, you shouldn’t necessarily believe her. We actually want you to worry enough to pay attention and make note of what’s important. Your woman will adore you for this.

5. We want you to like our friends but not be enamored with them.

Sure, you can ask about our friends, but you need to pay careful attention to how much time you spend asking about each friend. We take stock of these things, make mental notes, and take the ‘emotional temperature’ of your questions.

Relationship tip: If you seem to be asking too many questions about a particular friend then you will get into trouble. Don’t even think about arguing with me on this one. I talk to women all the time and believe me they too are keeping score!