Sunday, February 7, 2016
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NDC Communicator: NPP Is A Braggart Political Party

Following the press conference held by the NPP about the current state of the country’s economic status, a member of the NDC government communication team, Solomon Nkansah has rubbished the opposition’s statement about the economy that the party is just doing propaganda work as though it has a secretariat for its works.According to the NDC’s Deputy Propaganda Secretary, the press conference of the NPP was meant to take advantage of the report of Ghana Integrity Initiative to tarnish the image of President Mahama and his NDC government.Speaking on Okay FM, he said that former Finance and Economic Minister, Yaw Osafo Maafo and the NPP have no justification to advice the country on economic issues; stressing that when he was the Finance Minister under the Ex-President Kuffour’s administration, there was nothing which he did right that Ghanaians can remember him with.He however referred to the NPP as a braggart party with explanation that the people in that party are good and always come first in every activity which involves only talking; in that when the NPP was in power there was no educational and other strategic investment in the country.He further said that the NPP cannot boast of anything in the country because the School Feeding Program and the construction of the N1 Highway which seem to be on the lips of its members were sponsored programs by donors.He estimated NPP to be the most fortunate party which should have developed the nation because there were a lot of international collaborations in the areas of debt cancellations and a lot of grants for the country.He reiterated that the NPP is full of noise and that nothing good came out of its governance when it took over the management of the country’s economy and its development.

Flaggstaff House Chases Bobie Ansah

Snippets of information filtering into the offices of the Ghanaian Observer(GO) has it that certain strategic and influential individuals at the corridors of power are mapping out stratagems to have Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah, the host of "Sinipi"’, a flagship political programme on Accra-based Agoo FM, sacked.Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah, who until recently was host ofEkosii Sen", another political programme on Asempa FM, was sacked from the station for reasons many described as political rather than a professional one.Subsequent to his dismissal, Nana Kwabena Bobie-Ansah joined Agoo FM, owned by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Julius Debrah, with the expectation from members of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDC) that he would use the platform to attack personalities from the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and serve the NDC’s interest; the story appears to be different now.Reliable intelligence picked by GO indicate that due to the fact that Nana Kwabena Bobie-Ansah is satisfying the parochial interest of certain NDC guns with his afternoon political programme, certain influential persons at the seat of government – Flagstaff House – are on the neck of Julius Debrah, the owner of Agoo FM, to oust Bobie Ansah, if he will not do the government’s bidding."Look my brother, I can confidently tell you that recently some elements within government called the Minister and told him to get rid of Bobie if he would not do government bidding. ...

‘Stay Cool’ – Ade Coker Tells Ashaiman

Following the June 24 demonstration by some irate youth and drivers in Ashaiman over the poor state of roads in the area, Joseph Nii Ade Coker, the Greater Accra Regional (GAR) Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has assured residents that government will complete the construction of the deplorable roads in the municipality.Mr Ade Coker said the NDC appreciates the support it has enjoyed from the municipality, adding the John Mahama-led administration would not renege on any promise made to Ashaiman in the run-up to the 2012 general elections.Mr Joseph Ade Coker was speaking during a meeting he had with the NDC executives of the Ashaiman constituency at the municipal assembly.According to the GAR NDC Chairman, the cost of constructing the 4.5km dual carriage stretch, which is estimated at about GH¢10 million, is huge and beyond the capacity of the assembly.Mr Coker admitted that every citizen had the cause to protest for a solution to their grievances, but added that this should not include vandalism.“I am aware of the completion and the rehabilitation of some ongoing link roads in the municipality. The assembly is working hard to ensure that those roads whose costs are within the assembly’s means are fixed. ...

OPINION: Immortalize Sammy Awuku With A Law

Sometimes a crime is so heinous that it calls for new laws to punish similar acts in the future. ...

2012 Election Petition Hearing: We Will Not Hand Over- NDC Members...

Leading members of the National Democratic Congress continue to serve notice of what appears to be an officially sanctioned decision by the party not to accept the final verdict of the Supreme Court in respect of the 2012 presidential election petition, if it should go in favour of the petitioners.Justice William Atuguba, President of the nine-member panel of judges hearing the election petition, challenging the legitimacy of the presidency of John Dramani Mahama, Monday expressed serious concerns about what he said was an attempt by some people to undermine the authority of the court with unacceptable comments.He accordingly issued a stern warning that the court would no longer countenance such behaviour, stressing: “any person, be it in the media or not, who crosses the final touchline of proper coverage reportage will be met with the appropriate response.”Just a day after what was supposed to be a final warning by the court, leading members of the NDC re-iterated previous warnings by other leading members of the governing party that they would not accept the final verdict on the election petition if Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the first petitioner and the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, was declared the president of the country.Speaking on Asempa FM Tuesday, Stephen Atubiga, defeated NDC parliamentary hopeful for the 2012 election in the Binduri constituency, announced President John Dramani Mahama would not in any way be prepared to step down and hand over the presidency of the nation accordingly if the verdict of the Supreme Court went against him.The president himself had said he won the 2012 election “cleanly and fairly” and that the Supreme Court would not have any choice than to re-affirm his supposed clean victory.“Regarding the outcome of the Supreme Court [Election Petition], the president will not hand over,” Stephen Atubiga categorically, querying: “How can Supreme Court annul my vote simply because someone did not sign a pink sheet?Stephen Atubiga, who repeated his warning yesterday on Boss FM, a Kumasi based radio station, added that members of the NDC would not sit aloof and allow the Supreme Court to hand over power to the NPP.“The NDC will never vacate the presidency, should the Supreme Court declare Nana Addo and NPP victors of the case. We are not and will not in the future get out of government; whatever the Court will say will not be practical, unless such comments are in our favour,” he stated yesterday on Boss FM, adding “ there will be mayhem in Ghana if the Court in anyway call victory for the NPP”.According to the member of the NDC communications team, it would be "a bitter-sweet victory" for the NPP even if the petitioners won their case because "Ghana cannot contain all of us".He said the foot-soldiers of the NDC were prepared to protect the presidency of John Dramani Mahama, even at the peril of their lives, stressing: "We are prepared to meet the NPP boot for boot...

The NDC Will Be Beheaded If Supreme Court Shows The NPP...

A member of the communication team for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hopeson Adoryeh has threatened a communication member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Gabby Asumeng and the entire party for saying that if Nana Addo wins the court case based on the face of the pink sheet, there will be civil war.According to Hopeson Adoryeh worse things will happen to the NDC if the Supreme Court shows injustice to the NPP in the ongoing petition of the 2012 election Presidential results; threatening that Gabby Asumeng and the NDC cronies will be beheaded in the country.Speaking on Okay FM, he said that the petitioners are not in court for frivolous conduct and so nobody should make a joke with the court case; refering to the 1992 constitution that the petitioners have every right to go to court to seek redress on suspicion that the election was compromised.He was hopeful that the petitioners are going to win the case with the sizable evidence which are in the custody of the petitioners; adding that with Dr.

NDC Youth Clash Over Kwabre DCE

The demonnstrating NDC youth in front of the party office Two youth groupings in the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) yesterday clashed over the re-nomination of Adams Iddisah for the position of District Chief Executive (DCE) for Kwabre East District in the Ashanti Region. Supporters and opponents of the President’s nominee clashed at the forecourt of the party’s Ashanti Regional office located at the Neoplan station in Kumasi after one of the groups attempted to present a petition to leaders of the party in the region. It took the intervention of police personnel to calm tempers, as tension was mounting in the area.Some NDC youth in the Kwabre East District rejected the re-nomination of Adams Iddisah, describing him as incompetent.The youth, operating under the name ‘Coalition of Kwabre East NDC Youth Groups,’ in a protest, invaded the party’s regional office and the Regional Coordinating Council to present the petition to the NDC leadership...

NPP Condemns NDC Plan For ‘Civil War If Supreme Court Declares...

The New Patriotic Party has expressed serious concern about the continuous silence of the National Peace Council and other civil society organisations over comments by leading members of the National Democratic Congress that point to a plan to plunge the nation into chaos if the verdict of the Supreme Court hearing the 2012 election petition should go in favour of the petitioners.President John Dramani Mahama recently told NDC activists he won the 2012 presidential election “cleanly and fairly” and that he was confident the Supreme Court would re-affirm that victory.A member of the party’s communication team, Gabby Asuming, a couple of days ago, warned that any declaration by the Supreme Court that would make the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the president of the nation would be a sure recipe for civil war.“I tell you that, look, this election which the NDC has won genuinely; there is no place for Nana Addo.

NDC power seekers should be decorous- Ade Coker

Mr Joseph Ade Kobina Coker, Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Regional Chairmen’s Caucus, on Saturday appealed to party loyalists aspiring for any executive portfolio to be decorous during their campaign for the position.“Intra-party contest irrespective of the level; at ward, constituency, regional and national should be fought for within the tenets of the party’s constitution.“Each aspirant must be circumspect, decorous, respect all opposing views and above all avoid character assassination…Anything short of these (will) open the party up for attack from outsiders,” he said.Mr Ade Coker who is also the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the party, made the appeal in an interview with Ghana News Agency, to set the pace for the NDC’s National Delegates Congress.He said although the national executives are yet to officially outline a timetable for the election of officers; some aspirants have started underground movements to project themselves.“Such projections are good provided it project the positive image of the party. We must always remember that we are a party in government, our actions and inactions have the potential of affecting our fortunes in general election.“All aspirants must therefore be guided by the supreme interest of the party to build a society, which realizes truly human values based on the full mobilisation of the talents and energies of our people and the sustainable development of the resources with which nature has generously endowed us.”Mr Ade Coker noted that the NDC stands for stability and development; therefore every party member should ensure the unity of the party at all times.He noted that in view of recent development each member must defend the name of the party as well as its decisions; and faithfully implement all lawful decisions of the party and must be a model for freedom, justice and accountability.The NDC Regional Chairman urged supporters to show loyalty to the party at all times and ensure that any confidential matters of the political entity are not divulged to unauthorised persons.He said the process of discussing purely internal party issues in the public domain must stop.“We have internal mechanism for redress, which must be exploited first,” he explained.Mr Ade Coker also appealed to national and regional executives to continue to dialogue with members on general issues, remove all antagonistic road barricades and create opportunity for the flow of information.

Mahama Genuinely Won The Election – Gen. Sec. Of PNC

The General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah has stated that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its 2012 Presidential candidate, John Mahama genuinely won the 2012 general election.“We all know that John Dramani Mahama and the NDC won the 2012 elections genuinely.”Addressing a public forum in Tamale organised by the Coalition of Ghanaian Voters (COGVO), a civil society group formed to educate Ghanaians on ways to protect their votes, Mr. ...
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