Supreme Court Ruling: Gbese Dzaasetse Sets Records Straight!

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Lawyer Niibi Ayi Bonte said although they still holds the media as partners in development, the Gbese Stool will not hesitate to institute legal action on any of them if found culpable in the act of malicious publications against the Gbese Stool and Nii Ayi Bonte II, the legitimate Gbese Mantse.

Lawyer Niibi Ayi Bonte further noted that Gbese now seeks for investors in development of education to help reduce illiteracy and joblessness in the community that the Chief and his elders are committed towards putting all school going children into active academic work for future benefits in development for the community.

He was of the view that this action by the Chief and elders of Gbese to spearhead education in the various skills would yield fruitful results of bringing development to Gbese Stool and its environs.

He admitted that the Gbese Mantse and his elders are looking forward through their educational campaign towards producing future leaders such as presidents and ministers for the Republic of Ghana in the near future.

In another development, Nii Ayi Bonte II Gbese Mantse, Kingmakers and elders of the Gbese Stool have inducted Nii Komey Papa Asa III, Papase Mantse, as Chiefs under the Gbese Stool.

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