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Roberto Martinez: Pressure at Chelsea makes Jose Mourinho a pragmatist

Roberto Martinez says he is able to adopt a more romantic approach at Everton

Beautiful game: Roberto Martinez says he is able to adopt a more romantic approach at Everton Photo: ACTION IMAGES

Roberto Martínez believes managers such as Jose Mourinho are unable to adopt a
‘romantic’ football philosophy at the world’s richest clubs because of the
pressure for instant results.

Martínez leads his Everton
side at Chelsea
on Saturday hoping to demonstrate the differences in style between himself
and Mourinho, who is widely acknowledged as a more pragmatic, defensive

Far from criticising a manager who he says deserves respect for his many
achievements, Martínez says the demand to win trophies every season
means creating a pure footballing identity is virtually impossible unless
owners are prepared to give you time to do so.

Chelsea – like Manchester
– once set the objective of creating a team to match the beauty
of Barcelona. For Martínez, that ambition – requiring years of building
from the bottom up – is not compatible with the demand to win titles every

“When you have clubs with bigger budgets, the only thing that matters is
winning, isn’t it? You have to win. Your role is judged on winning,” said Martínez.

“I’m a bit more of a romantic. The way we win dictates how far we can go –
that’s our position – but I’m in no position to dictate to other clubs. I
understand that when you have all the money in the world you are judged on

“Every structure is different. When you have clubs with all the money I do not
think they rely on the manager to create a specific model. The manager has
to just have success on the pitch. I just think the way you win things is
vital for our success.”

Martínez says he would never adopt defensive, stifling tactics in order
to be successful but understands why managers like Mourinho approach certain
games as they do.

“It would be very foolish of me to compare myself to a manager who has won
everything in three different countries,” said Martínez.

“Jose Mourinho has shown he is a winning manager and he always finds a way to
win, whatever the club, the culture or the league. That is an incredible
achievement. He has won the Champions League twice.

“When you are in a position where you have achieved what he has achieved, if
anyone can have an opinion on anything, it is him.

“Every manager has different philosophies. In football, I respect any manager
because I know what the job entails and how difficult it is to have success.
That’s part of the greatness of the game – that any style counts as long as
you put the ball in the back of the net. It’s a game of opinions and you
don’t need a three year degree to have an opinion. I would never say my way
is the only way. No. It is true I believe that when you have not got the
finances of other clubs you need to be more creative to find a way.

That does not mean that you can not compete against teams with bigger budgets.
It’s just that I would never be in the position to win trophies unless it
was in a certain way.”

It was a home victory against Chelsea at Goodison Park earlier in the season
that proved a catalyst for what’s been an encouraging debut campaign for Martínez
on Merseyside.

“It was a very significant, important win,” he recalled.

“After all the work we did in pre-season and the start we had, that win gave
us a real sense of stability. It was a great starting point for us. I see
the game on Saturday as similar in terms of being able to assess how far we
have come.

“Chelsea have never lost at home in the league under Mourinho. For us to have
that test will be telling.”

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Roberto Martinez: Pressure at Chelsea makes Jose Mourinho a pragmatist

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