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Richard Keys’s website is the best thing on the internet

Richard Keys - Richard Keys's website is the greatest thing in the world

Dark forces: Richard Keys in a speaking, rather than typing, role Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Since leaving Sky Sports in what he has described as “one of the greatest
carve-ups in history”, Richard Keys has set up a
website with a personal
blog, where he shares details of his new life in Qatar, and his views on
football for which he has had a passion “from the age of four, ever since
his father took him to watch Coventry City play Swansea Town in old Third
Division South”.

This blog has quickly become one of the greatest things on the internet.

For starters, the “favicon”, the small image that appears next to
bookmarks and tabs, is a picture of his face:

Then there’s the subtle visual pun in the heading:

The name of the company that designed the website?

And yet Keys clearly still struggles with technology from time to time, with
deliciously ironic results.

Then there’s his ‘About Me’ biography…

…which appears to bear an uncanny resemblance to his Wikipedia page…

Still. As we’re about to find out, Keys is a very busy man.

There’s the industrial-strength name-dropping.

QuoteBut there’s many more ‘good guys’. There’s an unending list of people I
had fun with whilst at Egg Cup Towers. Dudley Moore, Kylie Minogue, Ali,
Charlton Heston. The list goes on. Joan Collins. Ernie Wise, Boy George,
Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, Harrison Ford, Princess Di, Paul McCartney,
Mickey Rooney. There were also PM’s and world leaders. All of it a
privilege. Countless times I’m watching TV and thinking ‘yep, remember
her/him’. It was a wonderful time. The football world has been very good to
me. I can’t think of anybody I would’ve liked to have met and haven’t.

Never mind the indelicacy of it all, that is literally one of the greatest
opening salvos to a blog that has ever existed.

The fact is, despite his fall from grace at Sky, Keys is still a pretty big
deal. He’s not got a lot of time on his hands.

Hence the. Witheringly short sentences. And. Time-saving. Abbrevs.

But don’t think for a moment that Keys takes any of this for granted. Far from

QuoteIt’s the most gorgeous star lit night in Doha as I write. I feel so very
lucky that life has served me up this wonderful opportunity. I always wanted
to live and work abroad and I haven’t been disappointed. For many life is
not this good. Spent a large part of the evening talking to Alistair
Campbell about his brilliant new novel ‘My Name Is…..’ Before I say
anything else – get it. Read it. And understand better the turmoil of those
whose lives are blighted by alcohol. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried when I
read it. It’s a roller coaster of fear, enlightenment, disappointment and
joy. All of those things and more.

All of things… and more. What a book it must be.

Derided as a purveyor of offensively blokish blokeyness, Keys’ softer side is
never far from the surface, as this delightfully tender moments displays.

But he can also be tough – incoherently tough – when he wants to be.

You’ve messed about too much Mr Tan with heritage – and this nonsense with
your manager is one mess too far. My solution? You Go.And go now. Cardiff
City will be there long after you have. Long after. And it will end like
that anyway.

In short: somebody put him back on telly. Immediately.

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Richard Keys’s website is the best thing on the internet

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