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Jenny Jones: ‘tea bag gave me good luck’

snowboarder Jenny Jones
describes how her lucky tea bag got her
through her first years as a snowboarder.

The tea bag was acquired during Ms Jones’ stint as a chalet girl in France, “I
had to tuck it in my bra because we were in a rush and then I went
snowboarding for the day”.

The bronze medal winning snowboarder said she had a particularly good day on
the slopes that day, landing “some really good tricks” and on arriving home
she noticed that the tea bag had split spilling tea leaves inside her bra.

Ms Jones said she took it as a good sign, thinking, “Oh my gosh, this must be
good luck, so I gathered them all up and put them in a tin and carried it
with me for the next two or three years.”

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Jenny Jones: ‘tea bag gave me good luck’

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