Posted: Wednesday 8th October 2014 at 10:30 am

Sports Authority Boss: GFA Has Outgrown Us

Director General of the National Sports Authority, Joe Kpengeh says GFA has grown bigger than the NSA in view of that, the budget for the nation’s football association doesn’t come to his outfit.

He made this known at the Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry today.

The National Sports Authority is in charge of all sporting activities in Ghana including the various stadia. With its position, all sporting disciplines must consult the NSA before embarking on any agenda, but appearing before the commission probing Ghana’s poor performance at the global soccer tournament, the Director General of the authority said the football association has overgrown the Sports Authority.

When asked by the commission if the GFA is supposed to be an association under the Sports Authority, Mr. Kpengeh figuratively replied,

“Yes, but the path has become bigger than the whole.”

“The GFA has outgrown the Sports Authority. [Commission: so (does that mean) all the associations’ budgets come to you and then you collate it (them) and defend, but the GFA’s does not come to you?] No [it doesn’t], my Lord,” he further revealed.

On the issue of whether he was part of the decision for the black star to play their Ugandan counterpart in the 2015 AFCON qualifier on October 19 at the Tamale sports stadium, the NSA boss again replied, no.