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Saved by the bell; Sammy Awuku escapes jail but banned from court

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Sammy Awuku

An apologetic Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, Sammy Awuku has been banned from attending the hearing of the Presidential Election Petition.

A subdued Awuku narrowly avoided jail by apologising profusely and upon the intervention of lead counsel for both petitioners and respondents after the court cited him for making contemptuous statements on the court’s warnings against same.

The judges gave the ruling after concession by Awuku that his comments on Peace FM criticising the final touchline warning were offensive.

Sammy Awuku ‘produced’ himself before the court retracting and apologising for the comments. The court had indicated it would deal with his case at a later time after he was found to be absent in court.

The NPP activist criticised the judges for citing a Daily Guide report as improper reportage. He said the court was being selective in its warning.

His comments did not go down well with the judges and when hearing resumed on Wednesday, President of the Panel asked if Sammy Awuku was in court.

He was not, and so proceedings for the day had to go on. After lunch, the court resumed sitting with Sammy Awuku making an appearance.

He was asked by Atuguba if he had anything to say.

The Deputy Communications Director retracted the comments and offered an unqualified apology.

The Bar, beginning with Philip Addison apologised on behalf of Awuku. He had together with the Respondent lawyers gone to meet the bench in chambers to apologise on behalf of Mr. Awuku.

In open court, the Respondents also joined the chorus pleading with the judges to tamper justice with mercy.

The judges retired to ponder over the matter and came with a ruling.

President William Atuguba said having considered the candid admission by Sammy Awuku and the apology issued, they had decided not to invoke their powers of contempt but to restrict his attendance of court.

He ruled that hencforth, Sammy Awuku has been banned from making an appearance in court and that was the beginning of punitive measures against all others who have decided to disrespect the authority of the judges.


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