Posted: Wednesday 18th June 2014 at 21:00 pm

Sandra Ankobiah Buys A NEW Porsche Macan S … Says There Are Only two In West Africa (PHOTO)

Sandra Ankobiah has got for herself a new toy. It is a Porsche Macan S. She posted a shot of it online, and gave us some stats, too.

The fact that there are only two of it in West Africa, makes her feel so blessed, she says.

Below, the additional notes on the car.
#BrandNewWhip #2014PorscheMacanS #FreshFromTheManufacturers #OnlyTwoInWestAfrica #IHaveOne #Overgrown911 #911OnSteroids #FasterThanTheCayenne #FirstCompactSUVThatsAlsoASportsCar #Beast BlessedBeyondMeasure

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