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RSS feeds enable users to view the latest and most important stories The headlines can be viewed for personal use or on a website, as long as proper formatting is maintained and material is correctly attributed.

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How Do I Start

To access RSS feeds for personal use, you need either a news reader or aggregator that knows how to display RSS content from or other Web sites you select. There are a variety of news readers available, many of which are free of charge. You can either sign up for an online service, use a web browser that provides this capability, or download the aggregator software and install it on your computer.
Web-based Aggregators are the easiest way to read feeds. Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and Google let you add RSS feeds to your personalized page. NewsGator lets you read online or in your e-mail software, My Feedster marries an aggregator to an RSS search engine and Oddpost (for Windows) is a paid web-based e-mail service that includes a built-in aggregator, Bloglines notifies you of updates. Firefox Web browser, which lets you save RSS feeds as “Live Bookmarks” that update regularly (the Sage extension makes Firefox a more useful aggregator). The Opera browser integrates support for RSS feeds into its email reader.

To display Ghanamma headlines or stories on your reader or software, choose from any of the categories on the complete listing above.
If you run into any difficulties, you should contact the Aggregator’s customer support.

For a list of other web-based news aggregators and browser plugins, as well as Desktop or Email-based, see here:

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