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The Eagles re-discovered their form and shot the big Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire with Nigerian-made dane-gun to zoom into the semi finals in Durban.

Paul Bassey was the co-ordinator in Durban and he swore that he had done everything possible for the Eagles to excel. Aisha Falode is in charge in Port Elizabeth where the third place match was played. She said that she did not want the Eagles to go to her zone for any reason.

Going to play in her zone meant that the Eagles would be playing in the third place match. “God forbid. I’ve told them I don’t want to host them in Port Elizabeth”.

And the Eagles answered her with goals and superlative performance in their war against the Malian ‘rebels’. They therefore have avoided Port Elizabeth, leaving it for the likes of Mali and Black Stars of Ghana.

Mitchel and Ejiro

Mitchel Obi and Ejiro Omonode are here in full force for the Super Eagles. They came in after the wobbly first round and are enjoying the glory of being Nigerians, courtesy of the champagne football of the Eagles.

The two showed off that they are indeed big boys when they hosted Nigerian media men to sumptuous free dinner in Durban. Ejiro was at his best but hid the fact that he was paying for the food and drinks.

When guys learnt that it was F.O.C, Ejiro closed the account. It was a good re-union of the pen pushers who have been pushed aside by Nigerian administrators who dread them like leprosy people.

Goodnight Joe! 

It’s difficult to put this down. My mind is troubled. I am devastated. I woke up early morning Saturday to write. It’s been a tradition since covering the Nations Cup because I move from one place to another in the day to gather information. A check on my email and behold this message:   “My great producer and friend, Joe Ighile slumped on set while presenting  Sports Tonight on Friday and passed on!

Joe Ighile is dead”. The message came from his closest friend and colleague, Toyin Ibitoye. Ibitoye is not given to making expensive jokes. Tears welled up in my eyes. How could he die. We left Nigeria on the same Arik aircraft to South Africa and he sat beside me.

At the Oliver Thambo airport while dogs sniffed my luggage and questions asked on why I brought bitter kola to SA, Joe discovered that his luggage was gone. We searched and searched and reported to the relevant authorities to no avail. All the CCTVs could not get the bloody thief.

Our contacts were taken while we set out for the 7hour journey to Mbombela, Nelspruit where the Eagles played their preliminary matches. He wore my clothes as he had nothing to wear.

We joked and at times, I told him not to sweat too much on my cloth since I had not worn  it before. He laughed and we shared a room and shared everything.

A very gentle, humble, honest and hardworking man, Joe loved his family and treated them with respect. He left South Africa to allow Toyin Ibitoye to take over the second leg coverage.

Ibitoye himself had undergone immigration procedures at the MurtalaMuhammedAirport when they called to tell him that Ighile slumped on set. The next call was to confirm that he had died. Ibitoye turned back and cancelled his trip.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Joe, how I wish I never saw and tasted your goodness. Anyway, we shall meet to part no more.


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