Pinkies, Con men And London Dry Gin


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The NDC administration has claimed that some of the judgment debts it paid out were inherited from the Kufuor administration.

The picture that has emerged is one of a flawed system of public accounting and financial administration that has been exploited by a clandestine network of powerful business people in collusion with government bureaucrats, technocrats and lawyers, to fleece us to the bone. Now the game is up. At least, I hope so.

It would only be fair if the state hands Amidu a decent percentage of the cash in compensation for the vitriolic attacks on his integrity and person when he first set out on his crusade to get the cash back.

He might use the rest of the money to drink some beer and shop for bush meat, dawadawa and Keta school boys for his missus to cook some pepper soup for him to eat and stay fit and wise, so that he can continue to catch for us, any smart fellows who engage in such scamtastic deals against the republic.

I recall the Attorney-General Dr. Ben Kumbour warning the nation to brace up for more trial judgment debts that were to be slapped on the government. The emerging national response is “no way.”

The Supreme Court has declined jurisdiction over the case in which Amidu is seeking to have businessman and Waterville project partner, Alfred Woyome, refund GH¢ 51 million paid to him by the state as judgment debt and the public is waiting in suspense to see what happens next.

Next Monday, officials and heads of various organisations will begin trooping to the sittings of a commission which has been appointed to probe other judgments debts. They will be asked questions relating to how the state came to be saddled with some of the debts and I daresay, it will be most interesting listening to the answers.