Posted: Monday 14th July 2014 at 17:25 pm

PHOTOS: Supermodel Naomi Campbell Poses As World Cup Trophy

As Germany is in heaven after winning the 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil, an English supermodel Naomi Campbell decided to mark this great moment by posing as the World Cup trophy.

The World Cup is a gold trophy that is awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup association football tournament. The trophy stands 36.5 centimetres tall and is made of 5 kg of 18 carat gold with a base containing two layers of malachite.

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This time the trophy is taken home by the German football players after their substitute Mario Gotze controlled a cross with his chest, poked a shot at the goalkeeper, and won the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina with a 113th-minute goal.

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The legendary model was impersonating the celebratory human statue, called ‘Golden’. Speaking about the shoot, Naomi Campbell commented:

“Working on the ‘Golden’ project was so much fun. The shoot was loud and energetic… I even got to practice my football skills! ‘The ‘Golden’ project is the perfect way to celebrate the German victory and I’m glad to be a part of this campaign.”

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