Posted: Friday 6th June 2014 at 12:55 pm

PHOTOS: See Super Sexy Rihanna’s Poster That Is Banned From Areas With Children (18+)

You a have a unique chance to enjoy Rihanna’s perfume poster that has been banned in areas where children are likely to see it.


Rihanna’s ad poster was banned in areas with children

After Riri’s scandalous appearance in a super-see-through dress at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards (CFDA), it’s hard to imagine how else a kinky pop-star can shock you. This time a candid and provocative ad poster was banned by the Advertising Standards Agency for being offensively sexual, demeaning to women. Such a decision was taken after a single complaint was sent to the agency by one of the disgruntled citizens.

The advert shows a singer on the floor with her head and shoulders leaning against a wall and her legs raised against a large bottle of Rogue perfume. Although the company, Parlux Fragrances, that took part in creating the poster tried to convince the agency workers that Rihanna’s image shows a strong woman ‘one with the courage to challenge boundaries’ and does not reflect improper nudity or offensive or suggestive imagery, their attempts failed.

It is not the first time Rihanna’s advert has caused controversy, in 2012 two explicit posters brought her a status of a ‘no go’ for the brand’s family image

In a statement the Advertising Standards Authority said: “While we did not consider the image to be overtly sexual, we considered that Rihanna’s pose, with her legs raised in the air, was provocative. Because of this, and the fact that Rihanna appeared to be naked except for high heels, we concluded that the ad was sexually suggestive and should have been given a placement restriction to reduce the possibility of it being seen by children.”

It is not the first time Rihanna’s advert has caused controversy. Only in 2012 at least two explicit posters caused mixed reactions and brought her a status of a ‘no go’ for the brand’s family image. Rihanna has also appeared in racy advertisements for Armani, Budweiser, Mac and French fashion range Balmain,

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