Posted: Monday 14th July 2014 at 14:16 pm

PHOTOS: 20 Amazing Things You Will Only Find In Nigeria

Nigeria is by far a very peculiar country with a population that can boast of both creativity and uniqueness in more ways than one.

While the exchange of cultures around the world has significantly reduced the peculiarity of a lot of things, here are 20 things in Nigeria we don’t think you would easily find elsewhere;

This beautiful hilly settlement:

This sachet water (pure water) named ‘Salary’ for reasons best known to the makers:

These delicious roasted treats popularly called (boli). You just have to try these:

This cyclist and his well stacked “passengers”:

These palatable meals that don’t need adverts to sell:

This hair salon bill board with the President of the United States of America giving a former President of Nigeria a good trimming:

These very distinct tribal marks:

Beautiful ankara prints made into cute cultural outfits for the gorgeous Nigerian ladies:

These ‘kuli-kuli’ treats made out of peanuts:

These colourful traditional masquerades:

This really nice guy who thought it fit to heat up the beach before going for a swim:

These gorgeous flamboyant ladies at the carnival:

These foul-proof inventions that ensure no one plays any hanky-panky with your food (very handy):

This Facebook school:

Beautiful sunset views like this:

This guy who has a much better way of preparing chicken soup than the rest of us:

This lovely waterfall:

This yummy breakfast combo (akara and pap):

This viral ‘Etighi’ dance (everyone does it):

We told you about this dance, ‘EVERYONE’ does it:

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