Phone swap dealers angered by Samsung phone swap promo


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One industry player said Samsung’s market share has been declining lately because their main distributor, i2 Ghana, who helped them to get to number one on the market, has now taken on other brands like Huawei, Alcatel and LG for distribution.

‘They (Samsung) are doing this out of fear of losing substantial market share but it will still happen not matter what they do,’ another said.

One said ‘this is pure ambush marketing intended to phase out other brands but it is not sustainable – ambush marketing is legit but I bet Samsung is walking a very slippery road because now consumers are very insightful and they know what they want.’

That industry player also argued that the sales and marketing people at Samsung have their jobs to protect and so they are employing a hardline measure but it is completely subject to the consumers’ taste.

Another industry player said ‘this is a legitimate aggressive marketing strategy intended to kill other brands. What we can do in response it to have a have a similar strategy or much stronger one to neutralize what Samsung is doing and to sustain our brand.’

One other Samsung competitor said they will review the whole move before they comment.

Industry Watchers
Industry watchers think the move by Samsung is purely a marketing strategy subject to consumers’ choice.

They even likened it to the ongoing Mobile Number Portability system in Ghana, where phone users practically trade their SIM cards on one network for another SIM card on another network but with the same phone number.

‘If a telco chooses to do an aggressive MNP campaign, their competitors cannot accuse them of unfair practice. In the same way competition cannot accuse Samsung of unfair practice. It is purely a matter of choice – it will deepen competition and ultimately inure to the benefit of the consumer in terms of price cuts,’ one watcher said.

Meanwhile phone users have welcomed the move and some are already rushing to the designated Samsung shops to swap their phones. 

Some phone users who visited some Samsung shops in Accra to trade in their phones claimed they were told the promo is limited to Galaxy S3 phones and above.

‘When I went to their shop I was told the least phone I can take away is Galaxy S3 so if they value my phone and it is not up to the price of Galaxy S3, I would have to top it up because the other Samsung Smartphone lower than Galaxy S3 are not part of the promo,’ one person told Adom Business.

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