Posted: Tuesday 14th May 2013 at 23:38 pm

Over 60 houses close to the Accra-Tema rail lines to be demolished

3a70434255120 214221 Over 60 houses close to the Accra Tema rail lines to be demolished

Over 60 houses close to the Accra-Tema rail lines are to be demolished. The move is part of a programme by the Ghana Railway Development Authority to deal with encroachment on rail lines.

The demolition is also to make way for development and expansion of the rail tracks.

Most of the houses to be demolished are around the Baatsona area on the Spintex road as well as Achimota and Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

CEO of the Ghana Railway Development Authority, Alidu Sadiq told the Joy News the level of encouragement is “really bad”.

He said what the authority found intriguing was that while encroachers were being told to remove their structures or would be demolished, others turned deaf ears to their warning and are still building along the rail lines.

The demolition exercise will affect both residential and commercial properties, he said.

He said owners of the affected buildings have been informed about the intended exercise since last year.

Though these houses have been marked, he said the property owners were yet to be informed about when the exercise will take place.


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