NPP’s meeting on vetting of ministers ends inconclusively


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However, Mr Nitiwul insisted “I don’t think the intention of the NPP is to bring the work of government to a halt.”

Asked whether the NPP is also taking the constituents into consideration, the Deputy Minority Leader maintained that the party “will not take any decision that would not be in the interest of the constituency,” insisting anything by the government would be scrutinized carefully.

Meanwhile, a senior fellow at the Institute for Democratic Governance, Kwesi Jonah said should the NPP carry through their threat to boycott the vetting, it would be “a great disservice not to the nation but the NPP as a political party”.

He cautioned that since the party is contesting the results in court, they should avoid any action that could dent Ghana’s democracy.

He stated that the MPs would have no choice but to “work with the same ministers they have refused to vet”, should they fail to participate in their vetting, and yet the Supreme Court rules that Mahama is the duly elected president.

“They should help us as a nation to help vet the ministers properly…If they refuse to participate in this process and other processes I will find it very hard to believe how you can go to Parliament and swear that I am a Member of Parliament and I will discharge my duties, and then at the same time refuse to take part in a very, very important process that will help all of us as a nation.”