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Women must unite against corruption -Odumakin

The Executive Director, Women Arise for Change Initiative, Dr. Joel Okei-Odumakin, has called on Nigerian
women to join the fight against corruption.
Okei- Odumakin spoke at a seminar entitled ‘Women as Catalysts for a Corruption Free Society’ organised by Women
of Essence Foundation as part of activities to mark the 2014 International Women’s Day in Lagos on Saturday.
Women, the human rights activist said, had a significant role to play in the pursuit of a corruption free
According to her, a united front by women, who account for half of the population of the country, will translate
into better policy formulation and implementation for the citizens.
Okei-Odumakin, who described women as the bedrock of every society, said their involvement in politics, governance
and socio-economic planning was crucial for the development of the nation.
She said, “Women remain the lubricant for the survival of any entity. In a family, the woman is like arock. We make a community, and we make the whole country. We have the numerical strength to drive the change we want to see, especially in Nigeria where women
are about half of the population.
“When we put women in sensitive areas, there is bound to be a midas touch .For instance, women occupying key positions in the health and education sector would transform such areas which are key to development of any society.”
Okei-Odumakin also urged the government to support women, especially those living in troubled areas of the
country in their different programmes.
She added, “We should also use this time to remember the women that have never been heard or seen, the women working behind the scenes. Some are in refugee camps, some in the hills, everywhere they are, we should honour them and celebrate them. They are also working for the survival of this country.”
The president, Network of Entrepreneurial Women, Mrs. Lola Okanlawon; Publisher, Today’s Woman Magazine, Mrs. Adesuwa Onyenokwe, and the President, Women after Revival Ministry, Pastor Ruth Essien, were among other women who spoke on the occasion.

Essien, particularly called on women to contribute their quota to national development and poverty alleviation.

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