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Why I’m seeking injunction against Obiano’s inauguration – Obidigbo

Dr. Chike Obidigbo says he decided to seek a court order restraining the inauguration of Mr. Willie Obiano as governor of Anambra State to ensure that impunity and perfidy were not rewarded.
Obidigbo, who is a rival Anambra governorship candidate to Obiano in the All Progressives Grand Alliance, stated this on Sunday, in Awka, ahead of Monday’s inauguration of Obiano as governor of the state.
He said he is seeking an order to restrain the Anambra State Chief Judge, or any other judicial officer, from swearing-in Obiano as governor.
The factional APGA governorship candidate explained that though he has no personal grudges against Obiano, he wanted to prove to the whole world that Anambra State is not a lawless jungle but a modern state governed by laws.
He disclosed that the rot in the Nigeria polity and the electoral process could be traced to the erroneous belief by certain leaders that they could twist and bend the law of the land to suit their fancy.
He said that APGA Constitution, which prescribed the modalities for nominating a governorship flag bearer, was jettisoned to impose Obiano.
“So, what we are doing should not be seen as desperation but a patriotic effort to ensure that the law rules and nothing else. As a law-abiding citizen, I believe that the courts exist to adjudicate on issues of interpretation and re-examination of legal procedures,” Obidigbo said.
He said, “That is why I sought to the injunctive orders of the court to preserve the status quo until the legitimate claimant of APGA ticket was established.”
Obidigbo said one of the legal knots the courts would help to untie is whether a person could become governor without being nominated by a political party in consonance with the Electoral Act 2010 as amended.
He said that both the national chairman of APGA and the party had deposed to an affidavit affirming that he and not Obiano was fielded for the November 16 and 30, 2013 governorship.
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