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Wailings as victims narrate ordeals

A victim, Mr. Muhammed Muritala, in Asokoro District Hospital.

It was a tale of wailings in Nyanya on Monday after an early morning bomb blast left no fewer than 71 persons dead as of press time.

The explosion occurred around 6.40am – the thick time Abuja workers converged on ever busy Nyanya terminus to board connecting vehicles to their various destinations in the Federal Capital Territory.

Patches of blood littered the ground with items recovered from the blast scene arranged in one corner by security agencies.

Our correspondent counted 20 luxury buses belonging to Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company and over 30 assorted cars caught in the bomb blast.

I escaped, but my two friends are gone

For Adamu Abass, a stock broker, he was at the park to pick his two friends for a journey to Kaduna when the blast occurred. Although he survived the accident and had started receiving treatment at Asokoro District Hospital, his two friends were not lucky as they died in the blast.

“I parked my car inside the park waiting to pick my friends. We wanted to buy something before moving when the bomb blast occurred. My two friends are dead now,” the indigene of Kogi State shook his head as he narrated.

Abass was on a wheel chair holding on to his drugs when our correspondent visited the hospital.

He said his car was not burnt but the windows were smashed by the impact of the bomb. While narrating his account, there was another loud bang outside the hospital.

No one could tell what happened and where it came from, but people around the premises scampered for safety.

I just bought ticket

A building contractor, Mr. Anthony Jim, had just bought his ticket and was about boarding the bus when the blast occurred. He is currently receiving treatment at the Asokoro District Hospital. Blood was still oozing out of his left leg when our correspondent went to his ward.

Bomb buried in the ground

A wristwatch seller, who simply identified himself as Salisu, said he was still arranging his wares when he heard the loud bang. In his smattering English, he disputed claims that the bomb was planted in a car that forced its way into the park.

According to him, the bomb was buried under the ground in the park.

He cited the big bomb crater to back up his claim.

Salisu, had just left to carry his remaining wares when the blast occurred. Although he sustained no injury in the blast, our correspondent spoke with him when he visited another wrist watch seller, Muhammed Muritala who was caught in the explosion.

I am searching for my wife

As findings were still on, a man in his late 30s approached our correspondent with his eyes filled with tears. He managed to speak after staring for a while. He began slowly by saying, “Please I am looking for my wife. Do you know where I can find her? She left home around six o’clock today to sell. Nyanya is her destination.”

Mr. Emmanuel Idoko was looking for his wife of six years, Shukurat, who used to sell agbo-herbal mixture in the park. They have been blessed with two children.

Idoko said all efforts to speak with his wife after hearing about the blast had proved abortive.

“Her number was ringing before, but it is not ringing again,” he added.

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