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Unguarded Utterances: Jonathan Flays Shettima, Threatens To Withdraw Troops From Borno

GEJ-media-chatPresident Goodluck Jonathan has threatened to withdraw the military from the North-east, especially Borno, following recent unguarded utterances from some people in the troubled region, including Borno State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Shettima.

In a presidential media chat televised live from the State House in Abuja on Monday, President Jonathan said he wondered if the Borno State governor would be able to stay in Government House if the federal government withdrew the military for just one month.

Gov. Shettima had last week in reaction to the killing spree by Boko Haram in Izge town of Gwoza local government area alleged that the insurgents were better armed and motivated than Nigeria’s security forces.

But the president frowned at the comment, saying it was unfortunate that a state governor would make such unguarded statement

“The statement is a little bit unfortunate because you don’t expect a governor to make that kind of statement and if the governor of Borno State feels that the Nigerian Armed Forces are not useful, he should tell Nigerians. I will pull them out for one month; whether he will stay in that his Government House; just one month, but I will fly back to take over the state.

“But if what he said is correct, I will pull out the military from Borno State for one month and I will go back and take over the state. A governor should be mindful of what he says.

“Yes, there are issues. No matter how frustrated you are, you don’t make this kind of statement”, Jonathan said yesterday.

He added that the efforts of the federal government in handling the insurgency situation in the North-east should be appreciated and encouraged by all to yield the desired results.


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