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Tweeting about Africa

Isima and Uyiosa

It was one of the French West African poets, David Diop, who wrote the poem, Africa to eulogise the beauty, strength and resilience of Africa as a continent. He gallantly reflects thus: Africa my Africa/Africa of proud warriors in ancestral savannahs/Africa of whom my grandmother sings/On the banks of the distant river.

This love for a continent having mixed stories of triumphs and struggles seems to have gripped two brothers; Isima and Uyiosa Odeh who created a Twitter account:@AfricaFactsZone, to tweet about Africa.

Isima told Arts Dome that the account was created to correct what he described as the untrue representation of African countries in several fora.

He said, “It is right to say we created the account to educate people about the history, activities and development of Africa and Africans. We get facts to tweet by reading newspapers, listening to the news, reading history books and researching on the Internet.’’

Stating that they created the account in 2009, Isima added that they started tweeting in 2012. Currently, the account has 39,270 followers and 4, 629 tweets.

He also added that the motivation to keep the project going was based on the desire to continue telling the truth about Africans.

‘‘The responses we get from followers are interesting because majority of them appear to be well informed and usually give reasonable replies to the account’s tweets. The account is growing but it can grow faster if Africans on Twitter are more willing to follow informative accounts that give them true information about Africa and not fabricated stories that seem interesting,” he said.

He however said the project battles with some challenges which include lack of adequate outreach.

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Tweeting about Africa

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