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Turkey may ban YouTube, Facebook

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, on Friday, said he was seeking for ways to ban YouTube and Facebook after local elections at the end of March.

Erdogan made the remarks in a Turkish television interview programme following the leaking of recordings of his private conversations, apparently through wiretaps.

He said, “We will not let YouTube and Facebook to destroy our nation.

“We will take measures, including closure.”

Report said YouTube had been banned in the country for two years and was recently unblocked.

It noted that local elections on March 30 would be a test of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party’s popularity.

It said that the leaked recordings, which had not been verified, linked Erdogan and his allies to corruption and attempt to control the media.

The most recent recording, leaked on online social media sites, shows Erdogan criticising a newspaper owner for his publication’s coverage, adding that the owner broke down in tears at the end of the call.

Erdogan’s camp had blamed the leaks on followers of US Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, a one-time ally, but now a foe.

According to a report, Gulen commands respect among his followers, many of whom work in state institutions.

On social media, several people remarked that at least the prime minister did not mention Twitter in his latest comments on social media.

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