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The mystery around Eagles squad

Pius Ayinor

There are times you would love to coach the Nigerian team and there times you prefer it is another job you are in charge of. I am sure this is not the best time to manage the Nigerian team. What is generally not much of a problem elsewhere is more than a headache with the Super Eagles right now. And that is the list of players to invite.

This is the time to sympathise with Stephen Keshi even with the big bag of cash he drags to the bank every month (or quarterly going the NFF payment style). I have been at two events where Keshi was the key speaker in the last three weeks and virtually every question was built around the squad list. Team list has taken a much higher dimension. The kind of tales I hear and the kind of moves I see make the atmosphere such a pathetic one. And the way it’s going I wonder what type of team list will satisfy Nigerians.

Each time names come up in gatherings there are debates with all shades of opinion. Osaze Odemwingie’s name appears to be the most controversial but despite the very unhelpful image his Twitter hits created, he still has quite a number of sympathisers. I am very much interested in what decision Keshi takes concerning this player and Ikechukwu Uche. I am backing one of them to return but who knows he may take both or drop the two.

Now where did the 35-man list start from? The Nigeria Football Federation and Keshi have denied such number of players is being prepared for the camping in the USA but the story didn’t emanate from nothing. It is obvious that a lot of pressure is on the coach about  those to be included on the list. Apart from those from his employees, there are a lot of cries from the general public that Keshi cannot afford to ignore. I belong to the group of those who have continued to press on the manager to be reasonable with the squad. My desire is that he applies the utmost fairness in arriving at the final list.

If you ask for my opinion for any inclusion from the regulars, I would like Ejike Uzoenyi of the CHAN fame to get a chance with the full team. He was okay in South Africa and I do hope that he lives up to expectation when everyone gathers. I have not changed my mind on Uche and I believe that our attack will be better if he regains form and ‘play to Keshi’s instruction.’ As for Osaze, I am neither here nor there; whichever way Keshi goes on the matter I will accept.

For now, I leave Keshi to think and decide properly for the good of Nigeria and his career.

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