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Shopaholic …with Essence


Most celebrities love shopping, are you one of them?

I am not one of them but I have to shop. It is a necessity.

What don’t you like about shopping?

I hate shopping for clothes. I just don’t like that bit of trying clothes on to see if they would fit. It is tiring. But I shop anywhere I see. Most times, it is when I don’t even have a need for something that I buy it because I know it would come in handy one day.

You must love shopping abroad since you travel often…

I don’t love it at all. In fact, I don’t even shop abroad again. I don’t like all that waka waka; I am not a market woman. But I buy from my friends who travel abroad.

Do you love designers?

I only love designer perfumes. I am not a freak for designer clothes. A designer perfume smells better than any other.

How much can you spend at once in a shop?

It depends on how buoyant I am. I have spent over N200, 000 at a stretch. I actually shopped for a video shoot. There were so many things I wanted to wear for that shoot but I even ended up not wearing them. But then, no matter how bad it is, I must spend at least N20, 000 any time I shop.

Do you shop for people?

I buy gifts. If I see things that would look good on my friends or their children, I buy. But I wouldn’t want anybody giving me money to shop for her. I don’t like that.

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Shopaholic …with Essence

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