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Repairs: LASG to close Dopemu, Iyana Ipaja bridges

The Lagos State Government says Dopemu and Iyana Ipaja bridges along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway will be closed to public use for 10 days each.

The government explained that while Dopemu Bridge would be closed from Saturday March 15 to Monday March 24, 2014, Iyana Ipaja Bridge would be shut between Tuesday March 25 and Saturday April 5, 2014.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Transportation, Sina Thorpe, on Tuesday in Alausa, Ikeja, explained that the closure was to allow for the maintenance of the bridges, which would commence on Saturday March 15, and end on April 5, 2014.

He said, “The contractor would commence work at the Dopemu Bridge for the first 10 days — Saturday March 15 to Monday March 24, 2014 — and thereafter move to the Iyana Ipaja Bridge from Tuesday March 25 to Saturday April 5, 2014.”

Thorpe, an Assistant Director, said the government had put strategies in place to prevent traffic problem in the areas during the period of the repairs. He said during the period that the contractor would be working on Dopemu Bridge, motorists were expected to obey government’s plan.

“Consequently, vehicles approaching Dopemu Bridge from Ile-Zik inward Iyana Ipaja could make a U-turn back to Dopemu Bridge via the open median along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway or take a left turn into Alimoso Road and use the link roads in the area back to Akowonjo or Iyana Ipaja Road.

“Similary, vehicles coming from Orile Agege and environs, and approaching Dopemu Bridge, will take a right turn through Surulere Road to link Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and make use of the open median barrier into the link roads. In addition, vehicles from Akowonjo, Shasha going into Agege will go through Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and turn at Ile  Zik back  to Agege,” the spokesman explained.

Thorpe said by the time repair works commenced on the Iyana Ipaja Bridge, vehicular movement in the area would also follow the special plan.

He said, “Vehicles coming from Dopemu, and proposing to use the Iyana Ipaja Bridge, will either make a U-turn back to Iyana Ipaja Bridge or a left turn into Abule Oki Street at the proposed median barrier opening on the expressway, go through Chief Adebayo Street back to Iyana Ipaja Roundabout.

“Also, vehicles coming from Iyana Ipaja Road will use the Abule Oki Street and navigate through Chief Adebayo Street back to Iyana Ipaja Roundabout, while vehicles coming from Iyana Ipaja Road will have to go through Dopemu Bridge area.”

He added that the traffic re-routing would facilitate seamless flow of traffic, urging motorists to use alternative routes provided by the government to avoid delays.

“The state government appeals for caution and cooperation from all road users by obeying all traffic regulations and ensuring traffic flow during the period of closure.

“The government, while regretting any inconveniences, has directed all relevant agencies to ensure free flow of traffic,” Thorpe said.

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