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Religious leaders call for fervent prayers for Nigeria

Some religious leaders on Wednesday pleaded with Nigerians to continue to pray for peace, progress and political stability of the nation.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria that the country needed constant prayers for God’s intervention.

The Director of Social Communications of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Monsignor Gabriel Osu, said that fervent prayers would enable Nigerians to overcome the challenges threatening the nation’s corporate existence.

“It is only through prayers that the current insecurity challenges will be a thing of the past for the country to move forward.’’

Osu urged citizens to pray for their leaders to ensure good governance.

“Our leaders need prayers to implement developmental programmes; the nation can prosper when the citizens show goodwill for their leaders.

“This will greatly ensure successful implementation of government’s programmes and policies at all levels,’’ Osu noted.

Commenting on the rising cases of kidnapping and other vices, the cleric described the development as worrisome, saying that God’s intervention was needed to combat it.

“Nigeria is in need of divine intervention to combat this rising case of kidnapping.

“Christian and Muslim communities must not be deterred in praying for the country over the challenge because this is a time that God often manifests himself.”

Osu, however, urged the Federal Government to arrest the situation, saying that “such a trend does not promote the nation’s corporate image before the international community.”

Also speaking, the General Overseer of the Restoration Church, Pastor Joseph Okhiria-Abraham, advised Nigerians to be more prayerful for the country to “overcome the forces of evil.”

He added that this would enable them experience “the love of God,” adding that the country needed prayers to overcome its security challenges.

“Prayer is essential in our daily life because without it, people will be vulnerable to the enemy,’’ he said.

The cleric noted that selfishness, doubt, pride and sin, hindered prayers from being answered.

He said that prayers would enrich the soul and give people an opportunity to experience God.

He appealed to Nigerians to pray for their leaders so that they could formulate policies that would facilitate economic development and employment opportunities.

Also, Imam Mustapha Adebello, a lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Lagos State University, said there would not be problems if Nigerians were united.

The cleric said the challenges facing the country would be over when they embraced unity, love and peace

He urged Nigerians and their leaders not to be selfish, adding that “selfless leader and people will make the nation excel.”

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