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Pray against terrorist attack on Abuja, plane crashes -Abiara

The General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Samuel Abiara, on Sunday warned Nigerians to pray against impending terrorist attack in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja by the Boko Haram Islamist sect and an imminent plane crash.

He sounded the warning at the end of a seven-day prayer conference organised by the church for the nation with the theme: “God that answers prayers”, held at the CAC Agbala Itura in Abuja.

Abiara said, “The call for prayers is necessitated by the divine revelation as received by the commission from God on the impending terror attack on our country particularly in FCT, from people presumed to be enemies of this nation, regardless of the ones initially carried out by these evil perpetrators.”

He also called for prayers against plane crash adding that there were two major impending plane crashes apart from the Malaysian plane that crashed on Friday.

Although the Cleric was not specific about where the crash would likely take place, Abiara said God revealed to him shortly before the Malaysian Air disaster that there were three major impending plane crashes.

He however said if prayers were intensified, God would avert the accident.

While condemning the killing of students at the Federal Government College Burni Yadi, Yobe, the Pastor described the gruesome killing of innocent children as an act of the devil adding, “anyone that kills for any reason is working for Satan.”

He said scriptures described the devil as a murderer from the beginning and abides not in truth, because there is no truth in him.

Abiara who said killing of innocent was against the law of God added that, “the blood of the innocent people being killed daily in Nigeria is crying for vengeance.”

The Cleric said, “All the killings must stop and perpetrators should ask for forgiveness which God will give them. This will be achieved if all Nigerians could come together and pray to God.”

While warning all the leaders and politicians to be mindful of their utterances which he said can set the nation ablaze, Abiara said, “the leaders and the politicians must mind what they say, because what they say can burn the nation.”

He called on those who planned to boycott the National Conference to reconsider their decisions saying, the Confab should be seen as a solemn Assembly.

Abiara said, “The National Conference should be seen as one of the best initiatives of this government and should be embraced by all Nigerians. We implore those planning to boycott the confab to go and participate and likewise forgive one another to achieve the goal of moving the country forward.”

According to him, the forthcoming election should not be seen as “do or die” affairs for politicians.

Abiara who advised the politicians to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship in their quest for power said “our politicians should emulate the western style of democracy”.

While commending President Goodluck Jonathan and the Senate President, David Mark for ensuring the passage of anti gay marriage law, Abiara condemned its approval by some countries.

He said same sex marriage was an aberration which is abhorred by God saying the act was what brought total destruction to cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible.

The Cleric called on church members whose pastor endorsed gay marriage to desert such church describing such a gathering as satanic.

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