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Police used lasers to track Pistorius shots

Police used lasers to track the path of the bullets that Oscar Pistorius fired through a door, killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, a ballistics expert testified Tuesday.

Then they checked his height with and without his prosthetic legs, Police Capt. Christian Mangena said. He was on the verge of revealing his conclusions when time ran out and court adjourned for the day.

He had time to say that the height of the four bullet holes in the door ranged from 93.5 cm to 104.3 cm above the floor.

Without his prosthetic legs on, the double amputee runner’s elbow height is 96 cm, Mangena said as the 12th day of the Pistorius murder trial came to an end.

The runner maintains that he was not wearing his prosthetics when he killed Steenkamp, and after suggesting at his bail hearing last year that he was wearing them, the prosecution conceded last week that he was not.

The one-time South African national hero admits that he killed Steenkamp on February 14, 2013, but pleaded not guilty to murder, saying the killing was a terrible mistake.

He thought she was an intruder in his house in the middle of the night, and mistakenly believed he was defending himself, he maintains.

That he was not wearing his prosthetics is a vital part of his defense. He argues he was justified in shooting through a toilet room door because he is particularly vulnerable when he is on the stumps of his legs.

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