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PDP rally: You’re insensitive, callous, northern groups tell Jonathan

Northern groups on Tuesday described President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to Kano State as the height of insensitivity and callousness.

In separate telephone interviews with The PUNCH, Spokesperson for the Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi and Dr. Junaid Mohammed, a member of the national conference, said the President has only demonstrated his disdain for human lives.

According to him, this was not the first time when the President will continue with festivities when tragedies strike.

He expressed disappointment that people who were supposed to be concerned go ahead wine and dine when they should be sympathizing with victims.

Abdullahi said, “This is not the first time. When recently in Katsina State several people died, the President still went on with his campaign. This is not the first time and it shows callousness of the leadership of the country.

“This is why people are asking so many questions whether they are even concerned about the insecurity that we are in and whether they are really taking serious steps to end it.

“This is really another tragedy, which should have kept everybody here in their houses or their offices being remorseful about it and talking about how to prevent future occurrences. What we are seeing is ceremony, rallies and speechmaking without concern.

“The fact that the President was physically present in Kano shows his level of concern for this tragedy. This big tragedy is a reflection of where we are as a country. Every day we hear of 50, 100, 200 people dying yet there are rallies going on. I am not surprised that this is the attitude being exhibited by people at the highest level.”

Also speaking on the issue, Junaid said, “The President’s trip to Kano State on a political campaign was thoroughly irresponsible.

“It portrays the President as being grossly insensitive and that he cares more about winning or rigging the election in 2015 that the lives that were lost in the capital a stone throw from where he resides.

“This kind of insensitivity and irresponsibility which has characterised his Presidency so far shows that he does not stand a chance of winning elections in the north.

“If he cannot be with the people of the north in Abuja, he cannot be with them in the north. As strategic as Kano is, it cannot be more important than the rest of the north.”

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