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Pastor’s Wife Hacked To Death For Resisting R*pe

machete stained

A pastor’s wife, Mrs Eunice Ajayi, 55, has been murdered in cold blood by a 25-year-old University drop-out identified as Jerry over her refusal to be r*ped.

The suspected killer was said to have been rusticated from two institutions in Ondo State for being a member of a secret cult.

The woman was hacked to death when she refused to be r*ped by the suspect who is now on the run.

The deceased’s husband who rushed to the scene to save his dying wife was also macheted by the suspect. He is presently recuperating at the hospital.

Eyewitnesses told Vanguard that the alleged killer visited the house of the Pastor located at Peace-land Road,along the Expressway in Akure metropolis and attempted to r*pe the deceased.

Jerry who has been eyeing the woman reportedly came that day with the sole purpose of having his way but the Pastor’s wife resisted.

This, according to report, infuriated the suspect who allegedly brought out a machete which he used to hack the deceased .

Several machete cuts were inflicted on the deceased by the furious killer.

Her distress cries and shout for help attracted the husband who rushed to the room only to meet his wife in her own pool of blood.

The husband was also attacked by the suspect while trying to save the wife from the killer.

After attacking both the wife and the husband the suspect reportedly took to his heels while attempt by some students residing in the area to apprehend him failed.

The wife of the pastor was said to have died before help could come from neighbours who rushed to the scene following the shout and cries from the couple.

Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Wole Ogodo confirmed the incident, but said that the suspect is still on the run and that he would soon be tracked down and prosecuted.

“We discovered that the suspect attempted to r*pe the deceased because her pant was half-removed by the suspect, later our men visited the house of Jerry but he has fled.

“Investigation has commenced on the matter and we have put all necessary machinery in place to apprehend him and bring him to justice.

Ogodo said that the remains of the deceased had been deposited at the mortuary of the State Specialists Hospital in Akure.


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