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Oversight function not for witch-hunt -Yero tells lawmakers

Governor Muhktar Yero of Kaduna State on Thursday bemoaned the legislators for using their oversight function as a witch-hunt tool against the executive arm of government in current democratic dispensation in the country.

While urging the legislators not to see their oversight function as a means of witch-hunting the executive arm of the government, Yero noted that lawmakers remain an arm of government that should act as check and balance to the executive for good governance.

He said rather than witch-hunting the executive with its function, lawmakers should intensify action on their oversight function in order to ensure efficient budget implementation at all levels of government.

Yero, who spoke at a one-day retreat on the implementation of the 2014 budget in the state, insisted that oversight functions should not be perceived as witch-hunting but a necessary legislative tool that ensures probity and accountability in public sector expenditures.

He tasked all Ministries, Departments and Agencies on the need to immediately commence implementation of the 2014 approved budget, adding that the major problem with implementation was that ministries and parastatals all relax as soon as the budget is passed.

He said, “Oversight function should be seen as partnership between the executive and legislative arms not as witch-hunting.

“Personally I want regular oversights because there is no way you can have a good executive without a good Legislature.

“I don’t look at oversight as witch-hunting and even if that is the case, I have no fear because the records are there.

“The House should make oversight function more consistent and not only when a budget is presented that you begin to go for inspection, you have to go at all times and if you find any problem please correct us.”

Earlier, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Shehu Tahir had said the Legislature would continue to carry out its oversight function as enshrined in the Constitution as according to him, it (oversight function) seek to enhance government accountability and transparency.

He noted that one of the major responsibilities of the House was to identify and avoid inefficiency and waste in government.

“Parliamentary oversights seeks to promote and enhance government accountability and transparency by ensuring that the Executive and those bodies to whom authority have been delegated, remain responsible and accountable in the performance of their functions,” he said.

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