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Nyanya blast: Nigerians in UK condemn attack

Nigerians in the UK have urged government to seek  assistance from the international community to address the nation’s security challenges.

They made the call on Friday in the wake of the Nyanya bomb blast, near Abuja which left more than  70 people dead and several others injured.

Speaking with a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria in London, some Nigerians in Diaspora said the Boko Haram insurgency required help from abroad in order to tackle it.

Mr Sunday Enefola, a political analyst, said in seeking for solution there was nothing to be ashamed of, “we need support from foreign intelligence agencies.”

Enefola said that it was not out of place for nations to request for such technical support from each other, since there was an allegation that the insurgents were seeking  support from other terrorist organisations.

Similarly, Nike Awoshika, a legal practitioner, called for a cooperation with  Niger Republic, Cameroon and Chad governments to curb the crisis.

“I am aware of the bilateral concern Nigeria has with each of its neighbours, but it is beyond that because these neighbouring countries also share boundaries with one another.

“It is necessary for synergies between Niger, Chad and Cameroon especially in border patrol, these insurgents most times strategise in these countries and implement their plans in Nigeria,” she said.

Awoshika said the collaboration should be mainly in intelligence gathering to weaken their bases and external influence.

Mr Seun Onifade, a plumber, who said he has been living in the UK for 40 years, said with “all the negative news coming from home especially with Boko Haram, it is right for us to seek for solution to the security crisis”.

He urged security agencies to investigate the alleged involvement of a wanted British terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite known as the “White Widow” reportedly linked to the Nyanya bomb blast.

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