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No man would ever leave me –Mcnwizu

Bayray Mcnwizu

Amstel Malta Box Office Season 3 winner, Bayray Mcnwizu clears the air on rumours about her

You recently changed your name from Bhaira to Bayray, why?

Bhaira was the former spelling of my screen name till I changed it to Bayray. It was coined from my name Ebere. It is artistic, Bhaira is pronounced Bayray but most people did not know that. When I rebranded, I made it Bayray because most people kept telling me they could not pronounce my name. They also usually asked where I came from, probably Cameroon or Ghana. But I keep telling them I was from Nigeria. Eberechukwu is my name but I am known as Bayray on screen. In most of my movies now, you would only see Bayray while Mcnwizu is my surname; it means something divine.

Before you became the winner of Amstel Malta Box Office Season 3, did you have any prior acting experience?

No. I only had a stage play experience. I had been going for auditions and I got a part in a stage play. It was the same year that they did the second edition of AMBO. I saw the billboard and it inspired me to go for the next edition.

How was the experience since it was a new terrain for you?

That was a long time ago but it was something I had always wanted. It was a competition and I wanted to win.  I knew it would be very tough and I was not totally prepared for the camera and its whole package. I just had the determination that I wanted to win and I wanted to be a part of the industry. That was what kept me throughout the challenges.

While growing up, what did you want to become?

I have always wanted to be an actress. I am sure if I were somewhere else like America or London, I would have been acting since I was five years old. I say so because the environment encourages such. Ever since I was a kid, I had always wanted to be an actor. I was always singing and presenting various ideas to my family. Even in school, they would call me when they wanted to have an impromptu drama. Each time it happened, I always felt very accomplished.

What did you study in school?

I read Philosophy which I really hated. I wanted to study Law but I was offered Philosophy instead. I later fell in love with Philosophy.

Do you still intend to study Law?

Maybe sometime in the near future, I might consider either Law or Diplomatic Studies. I would still go back to school. Thanks to the Internet age; things are done faster now and easily too.

After you won AMBO, you did about three major movies and nothing was heard of you. Was it deliberate?

There is some truth to that story; I have not been in the limelight recently. I have not been in every movie but I have been in major movies. I was away for a while because I lost my mother and it took me a while to heal. I resumed work last year.

Were you close to your mother?

I was very close to her. She fell ill and she passed on. I don’t want to talk about it because it is a very personal and painful story. There is nothing to talk about in any case. When someone that is close to you falls ill in a short while and passes on, if the person seemed so invincible, you would not feel like talking about it until you are truly healed.

The news that went round town during your absence was that you got pregnant and was married. Is that true?

It would always be a rumour. I want the focus to be on my career and not my personal life.

But were you married?

I have told people to please stop marrying me off.

Another report that went round again was that you were in a serious relationship that was heading for marriage till the guy left you for another girl. Is that true?

Really, it sounds like something that happens in the movies and not in real life. It is my personal life and whatever anybody wants to say would remain an assumption. I heard so many things myself. I heard that I went to a film school and I fell in love and I met the president and we were meant to get married but something happened. I heard a lot. I am only one human being; I don’t know who they are talking about that got pregnant. I don’t think I am a woman that a man would meet and ever want to leave, that is something I am certain about. That is for sure.

You sound so sure of yourself.

It is something I am confident about. My mother raised me well. I am the kind of woman a man meets and would never want to leave. You could ask friends. I think I am easy to be with and I am a wonderful person.

Women that are this confident are either good in bed or in the kitchen. Which is yours?

I would leave you to make your judgement. I don’t blame anybody for what they say about me. Whatever I do with my personal life is my business. I have my life to live and so does everybody else. I would try my best to make fewer mistakes and always think of myself as a role model. I would also help the youth but at the end of the day it is my life and I would be the one to live with the consequences of my actions. I would love to reflect on my life and know that I have accomplished a lot.

You have a scar on your cheek, what happened to you there?

As an infant, someone was very careless and threw me up and the ceiling fan slashed me.

Who was the person?

Recently when I went to bury my mother in the village, a relative called me that she wanted me to meet with someone. I reluctantly went to meet the person and she introduced herself as Ebere. She asked if I remembered her and I said no. She pointed at the scar and told me that she was the one that caused it. She apologised profusely and I told her it was okay. She was really apologetic and I had to tell her to stop as it was not a big deal. It happened when I was just a few months old. Ironically, we are namesakes and she was my nanny.

We hear cases of actresses sexually harassing producers for movie roles. Have you heard of that or are you part of such incident?

Are you asking if I have ever harassed a producer? Do I look like someone who would harass a producer for roles? No. Different strokes for different folks. For some people, that mode of getting a job would work for them. It is possible; anything is possible in this industry. The competition is high and people are looking for any kind of means to secure jobs whether it is harmless or diabolical. So I am not really surprised if that is going on but if you are asking me if I have done that, I have never done so. I am not that kind of actress.

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No man would ever leave me –Mcnwizu

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