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NiMET forecasts ‘severe heat’ for North in March, April

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency says Nigerians living in the extreme northern part of the country may experience the greatest discomfort due to severe heat in March and April.

The Director-General of the agency, Dr Anthony Anuforom, said this while addressing newsmen on the performance of 2013 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction and highlight of 2014 on Monday in Abuja.

He said the agency predicted warmer than normal day time temperatures in March and colder than normal day temperatures for western flank in April.

Anuforom said in 2014, SRP predicted that Nigerians might experience shorter than normal rainy season; this does not mean there wouldn’t be rainfall.

He said little dry season known as ‘August break’ was likely to be pronounced in 2014.

The director-general said in 2013, rainfall onset dates were predicted to vary between first week of March in the southernmost part of the country and late June in the far northern parts.

Anuforom said NiMet had predicted that most parts of the country were expected to have normal onset with the exception of parts of Niger, Cross River, Anambra, Delta states and parts of the South-West.

Onset date of rainy season is the day in the New Year when the accumulated rain water in the root zone of the soil is sufficient enough to support early crop life.

According to him, onset and cessation dates are not the dates the first and last rains occur in any part of the country.

The director-general emphasised that NiMet never predicted that there would be more flood in 2013 than it was in the case of 2012.

He said areas where pockets of flooding were reported in 2013 were the same places that NiMet predicted above-normal rainfall for 2014.

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