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Nigeria shall overcome its challenges, says Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday insisted that Nigeria would overcome the numerous challenges currently facing it.

He stressed the need for Nigerians to continue to pray for the country and its leaders so that the problems could be surmounted in no distant time.

Jonathan spoke at the Dunamis International Gospel Church, Area 1, Abuja where he took part in the church service.

While thanking Christians for their prayers, the President reiterated his position that the situation could have been worse for the country if not for the prayers of faithful.

“If you watch television, both local and foreign, we always have negative news as breaking news. The whole world is almost in trouble and as a nation, we are bound to have our own fair share.  With your prayers, surely we will overcome our challenges,” he said.

Jonathan thanked the officiating Pastor, Dr Paul Enenche, and his team for their prayers and supports.

He said since scientific healing could not guarantee total healing, a lot credit should be given to the pastor and others who carry out spiritual healing which he described as total.

“Let me sincerely appreciate Dr. Paul Enenche and Mrs. Enenche for what they have been doing for us, being young man and lady well trained in the scientific way of doing things.

“But scientific way of healing does not give you total healing. If you go for a major treatment in any hospital, they may tell you to come every three months or six months for check ups, that means it is not total.

“It is only spiritual healing that is total. We thank you for what you have been doing,” the President said.

He announced his readiness to be worship in churches outside the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on every last Sunday of the month until he leaves office.

Enenche in his sermon described fraudulent practices as one of the five anti-covenant practices.

He said the biblical Abraham and Job refused to soil their hands.

He said because the two Bible characters lived uprightly, they were rich and blessed.

The cleric enumerated the various fraudulent practices prevalent in the present day that might make it impossible for God to answer prayers.

He gave the implications of fraudulent practices to include transgression against the laws of God, displaying a lack of confidence in God and charging God with unfairness.

To overcome the temptation of engaging in fraudulent practices, Enenche urged Christians to look away from what is not theirs, labour honestly and diligently and look up to God who he described as the rewarded of labour.

“Whatever God has not given to you and you take, it does not add anything to you, but take away something from you. Crookedness today equals affliction tomorrow,” he declared.

The pastor prayed for the will of God to be done in the 2015 election.

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