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Nigeria seeks IPU support to end insurgency

Senate President, David Mark, and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, on Monday appealed to the Inter-Parliamentary Union to support Nigeria’s efforts to rid the country of the disturbing Boko Haram insurgency.

Both leaders of the nation’s parliament canvassed this position at the on-going 130th IPU Assembly, which started in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday.

Mark said the theme of the conference which focused on democracy and global peace was a better opportunity to tell the World that the cooperation of the Nigerian neighbours was crucial to crush the activities of the dreaded sect.

He said, “Peace is of great importance to everybody irrespective of our religion, ethnic background, or political affiliation. Peace really is the core issue here and everybody’s support is needed to ensure that the insurgents have no hiding place again.”

On the part of the National Assembly, Mark pledged that the legislature, being a critical arm of government, would continue to legislate on issues that could tackle poverty, unemployment and youth restiveness.

He said, “As long as the legislation is people oriented and we take the views of all the ethnic groups into consideration, I think it would ensure peace, progress and development.”

He therefore reiterated his appeal to those who were aggrieved with the current leadership of the country to air their grievances so that amicable solution could be collectively sought by all stakeholders.

He said, “I have consistently insisted that those who have grievances must come out and tell the world what the grievances are because it could help us in the legislation that we do in the National Assembly.

“We are getting perspective of other nations, we are looking at the ways other people solve similar problems like our own and by interacting and discussing with them , we probably get ideas about what to do when we get back home.

Ihedioha, noted that the growing insurgency was threatening and indeed undermining the peace of the nation stressing that all hands must be on the deck to end the menace.

He therefore urged neighbouring African countries to support Nigeria to resolve the dangerous issue of Boko Haram.

He said, “Since the Nigerian civil war ended, never have we had our stability distracted as we have now. We urge countries like Mali, Cameroun, Chad, Niger and others to join forces to find solution to
the problems.

Ihedioha declared that the insurgents ravaging Nigeria were not citizens of the country hence “the cooperation of other countries has become necessary”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian lawmakers had indicated their willingness to support the Camerounian born Martin Chungong who is contesting the post of Secretary General of IPU.

The African bloc at the conference had already on Monday, endorsed Chungong for the position since the out-going occupant of the seat, Mr. Andres Johnson had ended his 16-year tenure.

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