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Nigeria can’t survive another term of PDP misrule -Aregbesola

The Osun Sate Governor Rauf Aregbesola has said  Nigeria may not survive another “season of misrule” by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party .

Aregbesola said this at the All Progressives Congress  National Secretariat, Abuja, while submitting his  nomination form for the August 19, 2014  Osun State governorship election.

The governor, who is seeking election for a second term, said Nigerians will be presented with another unique opportunity to improve their lot in 2015.

He advised Nigerians to use the opportunity to vote out the PDP and replace it with the progressively-minded APC.

The governor said, “Is it the fact that we will be taking over the leadership is the source of my joy? Or that we should know that a new Nigeria will come? Yes! Politicians particularly in our type of society can celebrate any political power but not just any politician.

“We are politicians with passion for the people, zeal for change. It’s the combination of those two things that informed our joy and commitment  to give Nigeria a rebirth. Going through the years of PDP bad management of our nation, it’s a duty for all patriots  to work assiduously for its replacement.

“I don’t think our nation can survive another period of misrule by PDP.”

Aregbesola used the opportunity to list some of his achievements  to members of the APC  leadership, who were on hand to receive him.

They  included  the National Deputy Chairman, Mr. Aminu Masari; National Organising Secretary, Senator Osita Ozinaso; and others, he told them  that he wanted a second term in office to complete the enviable works he had started.

Speaking during the occasion, Masari said the APC was the  panacea for the Nigeria problems, adding, “With the type of governors we have, we have demonstrated good leadership.”

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