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Mother Burns ‘Wayward’ 11-year-old Daughter’s Buttocks With Hot Knife


Men of the Cross River Police Command have arrested a middle-aged woman, Ene Edem Okon, for allegedly inflicting bodily harm and tying the hands and legs of her 11-year-old daughter, Queeneth Ene Edem, for being wayward.

Police made the arrest after Queeneth appeared in her school, Government Primary School, Akim, with multiple wounds on her chest, stomach and buttocks prompting the school authorities to report the matter to the police at the Akim Police Station.

The poor girl narrated her ordeal to Vanguard, saying, she left home at Eneyo village in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of the state on February 17, for the Maternity Junction Settlement, some four kilometers away from home to meet her cousin, one Blessing, but did not return home.

“We were waiting for Blessing’s friend from whom she wanted to collect something but she delayed in coming and we waited till night and, because we were afraid of going back home, we slept in an uncompleted building at the Maternity Junction,” she said.

According to the girl, one of her friends saw her at the Maternity Junction the next day and told her that her mother was looking for her with a machete after which she became afraid to go back home.

“We stayed on the road near our house and were breaking kernel to eat when my mother sent somebody to come and catch us. That person came pretending to play with us but suddenly grabbed me and dragged me to my mother”.

The angry mother allegedly got hold of her and used a rod to hit her all over her body, thus leaving her with severe wounds.

“She also put the kitchen knife in the fire she was cooking and when it was hot, she placed it on my buttocks,” the girl added.

The mother, Mrs Ene Okon was found remorseful by Vannguard at the Akim Police Station, stating that she was driven by anger because Queeneth was stubborn and had formed the habit of spending the night outside at such a tender age.

“I sent her to school in far away Calabar because I don’t trust the school here in Akpabuyo but she is just too stubborn, so I had to teach her a lesson,” she said.

Police spokesman for Cross River Police Command, Mr Hogan Bassey said the woman would appear in court after investigations are concluded. [Vanguard]


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