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Maigari Tasks Sporting Media to Be Objective

The President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Alhaji Aminu Maigari, has rebuffed claims he was working against the success of the national team at the forthcoming 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

Maigari describes as puerile and a back stab, reports by a section of the sporting media he wants the failure of the Super Eagles head coach Stephen Keshi, so as to allow for his sack in favour of a foreigner.

“When the former coach, Samson Siasia, left the stage for obvious reasons, how many of those who are fronting for Keshi today wanted him as the Nigerian coach? Maigari asked, while speaking in Abuja on Thursday.

Nigeria Football Federation President, Aminu Maigari.

Nigeria Football Federation President, Aminu Maigari.

“But in my wisdom and after talking to our executive committee members, he was appointed the head coach.”

The NFF chief declared he would never destroy a team he helped build.

“Some people just want to create sensation of publicity for themselves and use perceived disagreement with Keshi to insult us and win public acclaim. For the records, I can never work against a man that we collectively made the highest paid Nigerian alive today.”

He urged those involved with the news media to be constructive in their criticism and, henceforth; desist from damaging the reputation of Nigeria football and that of the coaching crew of the national team.

“If anyone is in doubt they should ask questions but they will never do that, they go on Facebook, Twitter and use all other manner of media to damage the reputation of the leadership of Nigerian football without asking questions.

“Henceforth, such flagrant abuse of the media will no longer be acceptable to us. I don’t want to mention names but those concerned know themselves and for the last time I want to appeal to them to allow us concentrate on preparations for the World Cup rather than causing all manner of distractions,” Maigari added.


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