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Lagos plans for 263 days of rainfall

The Lagos State Government has announced 263 days of rainfall with a marginal error of nine days in 2014 for the state.

The Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, said this on Wednesday at Alausa, Ikeja, adding that rain had started since March 14 and was expected to end in the state on December 21 with a margin error of three days.

Bello said the total annual amount of rain expected in the 263 days of rainfall would be 1,960 millimetres. He added that strong winds, lightning and thunderstorms were also predicted to occur in stronger magnitude during the 2014 rainy season.

He further said the dry period would be more pronounced than in 2013 and would last for about 46 days.

He said, “The rainfall pattern of 2014 will be similar to that of last year, but this year, the month of August is expected to be drier than August 2013.

“The rainfall pattern showed that in the second week of March, 2014, rain will commence till mid July when it will recess before starting again in September till December when the season will end. The little dry season will likely begin in July 15 and will end in August 31.”

Bello said the prediction showed that Lagos would likely have a normal rainfall in 2014, but added that surrounding states like Ogun and Oyo would have above normal rainfall.

“The excess flow from dams in those states may cause flooding downstream realistically in Lagos State if the water is not properly managed,” he added.

The commissioner, however, said the government was doing all it could to manage the season with its massive clearing and expansion of drainage channels, dredging of primary and secondary collectors and regular monitoring of all drainage channels in the state, among others.

He urged residents to collaborate with government by desisting from dumping refuse indiscriminately and building structures on drainage channels.

Bello urged residents in flood plains areas like Ikorodu, Owode, Iwaya, Makoko, Badia and Ijora, among others, to be ready to relocate when the need arose.

He said, “Lagosians who reside along flood plains areas and near lagoons must always be alert and ready to relocate when the need arises. We shall notify such residents at the appropriate time.”

The commissioner added that drainage engineers would be on ground across the state and would be available to attend to every need during and after the rainy season.

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