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Jordanian Ambassador’s kidnappers give condition for release

The kidnappers of Jordanian Ambassador to Libya, Faouaz al-Atyan, have demanded the release of a Libyan as a condition for the diplomat’s release, the local media reported on Wednesday.

Reports say the Libyan is Mohamed Dursi, who is being detained in Jordan after being sentenced to life imprisonment in Jordan.

He is a radical Islamist who was jailed in 2007 for his involvement in the planning of an attack at the airport in Ammanl.

The reports said masked gunmen travelling in two unidentified vehicles had kidnapped the Ambassador in Tripoli and took him to an unknown destination.

The Libyan government has since condemned the diplomat’s kidnapping and said it would not affect the good relations between the two countries.

For their part, the Jordanian authorities have urged their Libyan counterparts to deploy all efforts to rescue the Ambassador unharmed.

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