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Jonathan must run in 2015 – Bayelsa indigenes

Bayelsa State indigenes, particularly from Ogbia, President Goodluck Jonathan’s local government, have said the President must contest the 2015 election, whether he likes it or not.

They said there is sentiment in politics, noting that in 2015, it is Jonathan and no other person.

This decision was taken in Ogbia on Saturday during the formal conferment of a vote of confidence on President Jonathan.

The event, which witnessed two lectures, rally, book presentation on achievements of Jonathan, was organised by the Ogbia Graduates Forum for Positive Change.

Delivering a lecture on ‘A call for President Jonathan re-election bid: A collective responsibility,’ Mr. Awudumapu Agorodi, Special Adviser to Bayelsa Governor on Youths Mobilsation, said those trying to harass Jonathan out of office would not succeed.

He said the Ijaw nation had fed the country for over 50 years yet some power mongers would not let Jonathan be, first Ijaw man to be President of Nigeria.

Agorodi said, “We must not forget that it is no secret that Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of oil and petroleum in the world, and that is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy.

“This accounts for well over 90 per cent of the exports and more than 95 per cent of the oil is drilled in the Ijaw soil. Ijaw soil has been feeding Nigeria for over 50 years.

“Our resources are good for the country but we are not qualified enough to be president of Nigeria.”

He said Jonathan deserved second term because of his giant strides in all facets of country’s economy.

He said one of the greatest points about Jonathan was that in the midst of the worldwide financial meltdown, Boko Haram, Niger Delta militancy, piracy, and opposition doing all they could to undermine capabilities and programmes of his government, Jonathan remained unfazed.

“Returning Jonathan in 2015 is a collective responsibility. Let’s work together for the actualisation of Jonathan presidency in 2015. There is strength in togetherness,” he said.

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